Bataille Balls

"Use me," and this means: There is no me…. The question of passivity is not the question of slavery, the question of dependency not the plea to be dominated. There is no dialectic of the slave, neither Hegel’s nor the dialectic of the hysteric according to Lacan, both presupposing the permutation of roles on the inside of a space of domination. This is all macho bullshit. "Use me": a statement of vertiginous simplicity, it is not mystical, but materialist. Let me be your surface and your tissues, you may be my orifices and my palms and my membranes, we could lose ourselves, leave the power and the squalid justification of the dialectic of redemption."

-Jean-François Lyotard, Libidinal Economy 


Hans Bellmer. 237 from Hans Bellmer: Le Principe de Perversion by Pierre Dourthe
L’Ange Anatomique, 1746
Jacques Gautier D’Agoty
Toyen — Illustration for Justine ou les Malheurs de la Vertu

The Lamentations Of Mary Magdalene On The Body Of Christ By Arnold Böcklin, 1868
Fra Angelico
Cristo muerto sostenido por un ángel

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